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A lower cost alternative to home care.

The Rest Assured patented web-based remote support system uses the latest wireless technology to offer their customers and their clients real-time interactive in-home support services. Rest Assured telecare and remote support services have been specifically designed to support seniors who require some oversight and assistance with living safety in their home.

Support is provided through the creative use of an interactive, web-based system. This includes the use of electronic sensors, speakers and microphones, tele-cameras (in common areas of the home), smoke detectors, temperature detectors, personal emergency response systems, and much more. These devices link each client’s home to remote caregivers who provide remote “home care” services. Our remote caregivers are trained to support each client’s needs, to provide a customized and individualized service to each person we serve.

A daughter visits her father.

Customized to Your Loved One’s Needs

Making an Informed Decision

Rest Assured can meet with the client, family and others, prior to beginning services, to select services appropriate to meet all of the client’s needs in the home. We can provide written descriptions, video examples and in-person descriptions/demonstrations to ensure each client and his/her family can make informed decisions about Rest Assured’s remote monitoring.

Designing the Best Solution for You

If you choose Rest Assured as your remote monitoring provider, we will work with the client, their family and others to create a customized care plan and support service package that meets each client’s unique needs. We do this through a series of HIPAA compliant online intake surveys and by evaluating the layout of the person’s home. Rest Assured will then design a system that will meet all of the client’s needs.

Best of the Best Remote Caregivers

The cornerstone of our telecare and remote support services is not the technology, but is the highly trained remote caregivers, which use the technology as a medium to provide a support service. Remote caregivers essentially become a caregiver for the client they support.

All of our remote caregivers are required to have between one and two years of experience working with a person with a senior or a person with a disability prior to joining the Rest Assured team. This experience, combined with the rigorous training on operating the Rest Assured System, individual support plans, code of conduct, client rights, incident management and other training’s required by various states, guarantees we have the best of the best remote caregivers.

Our History and Experience

The Rest Assured team is people helping people who are dedicated to improving the quality of our clients’ lives. We truly believe in Rest Assured telecare and remote support and its ability to help the people we serve, and we are committed to continuing to provide cost-effective services of the highest quality.

Rest Assured was the original pioneer of remote monitoring services. We originally developed the concept of remote monitoring in 2006 and have been an industry leader for the last decade.

Common Use Examples

We have never set up two systems in the exact same way because there are never two people that are exactly the same.

Here are some common use examples.

  • Replacing an on-site overnight caregiver to support with those just in case situations
  • Watching for falls
  • Dementia care
  • Assuring the person doesn’t leave their home
  • Assuring only approved visitors are in the home; helping to prevent exploitation
  • Giving reminders for medication administration and making sure meds are taken as prescribed
  • Coaching through activities of daily living like preparing meals or completing personal hygiene

Do you want to see it in action?

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Overall we’ve been very pleased with how the system works and working with the staff at Rest Assured.

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