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A New Approach to Care at Home

A cutting-edge telecare system for your loved one

Rest Assured is a groundbreaking remote support service designed to help seniors remain in their homes and individuals with disabilities gain more independence while staying safe. Rest Assured offers remote support services provided by specially trained caregivers, who get to know your loved one personally.

Rest Assured uses a variety of tools, technologies and services to provide individuals in our care with state-of-the-art remote monitoring and support services.

We can help your family set up a special someone you love in their own home.

We offer a variety of different service types that can be tailored to your loved one’s specific situation and environment.  We can work with you to help you determine if our services are appropriate and evaluate which service types would best meet the needs of your loved one’s unique situation.

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How it Works for Seniors

How it Works for Individuals with Disabilities

MyRA Family Web Portal

Rest Assured’s Family Support service connect families to their loved ones in their home through our remote support system.

  • Live Video
  • Real-time sensor alerts
  • Two-way audio/video communication
  • Much more

Have Questions?

A Rest Assured representative is available to discuss your unique situation and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today.

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We help senior stay in their own home longer.

Rest Assured Remote Caregiver Support

Rest Assured remote caregivers are trained on your loved one’s needs provide customized telecare support.

How it Works – Seniors

You Provide Support Through Our System

With telecare, you can monitor your loved one in real-time and receive notification of changes that may require your attention.

How it Works – People with Disabilities

We help people with special needs live more independent lives.

An Alternative to In Home Caregivers

We offer a 21st century approach to caring for your loved ones in their home.

Benefits of remote supports

  • Increased independence
  • Lower cost of care
  • Privacy
  • Staying connected with distant loved ones

Let’s Discuss Your Situation

Contact us today to discuss your loved one’s needs, abilities, and challenges.  We have already customized our services for thousands of people.

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