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A Letter From a Parent

This is what we do.

To our most valued partners at Rest Assured,

Thank you and mission accomplished. New Years Eve marked the 1-year anniversary of our 23-year old daughter with Down syndrome living independently in her own apartment supported by Rest Assured. She so loves her independence and is so very proud of her life in the community. In November, her transition was formally recognized when I was presented a statewide award for “Outstanding Transition Assistance by an Individual Family Member”.

When I accepted the award, I shared that my daughter’s transition success was not the result of an individual family member’s effort but a family collaborating with multiple providers to build an amazing infrastructure around my daughter to allow her to live safely in her community. Rest Assured is our most valued provider because you glue our daughter’s day together and you allow us to not worry that she will be safe because we collaborated on the creation of her care protocols and the system design.

Below I have pasted in your mission statement inserting the words COLLABORATING WITH FAMILIES because had we not collaborated on the system architecture and the care protocols, we would have failed in our goal to provide my daughter with a safe life in her community because of her significant developmental delays. Customer intimacy and technology leadership at cost effective pricing is how I view Rest Assured. Best of luck achieving your vision of becoming a global leader – we need you to be around for the next 50 years so we can Rest Assured!

Mission Statement

Rest Assured, LLC is caring people using remarkable technology to:

  • Improve quality of lives
  • Increase or maintain independence
  • Maintain privacy, health, and safety

We do this by COLLABORATING WITH FAMILIES, providing the highest-quality, cost-effective and real-time assistive technology and services.

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