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Helping Seniors Live Safely

Remote Support Services Tailored To Each Person’s Unique Needs And Abilities

Rest Assured offers a full suite of remote monitoring services and solutions to help seniors maintain healthy and safe lives. We tailor our support service options to each client’s unique needs and abilities. Our telecare services are specifically designed to help seniors maintain independence and live safely at home.

Heat sensors insure the stove is not left on too long, so a seniors can enjoy living independently, but with their safety properly monitored.

Cost Effective Care And Quality Outcomes Through Remote Monitoring And Support

Our system supports seniors through the creative use of an interactive, web-based system. This includes the use of electronic sensors, two-way audio/video communication screens, cameras (in common areas of the home), smoke detectors, temperature detectors, personal emergency response systems and much more. These devices link each client’s home to remote caregivers who provide remote support services. Our remote caregivers are trained on each client’s needs and abilities, to provide a customized and individualized service to each person we serve.

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Common Use Examples

Rest Assured has supported thousands of clients since our inception in 2006. Since our services are customized to each client’s needs, we have assisted with many different aspects of a person’s life. Below are some common use examples.

  • Assuring health and safety needs are met
  • Remote assistance with daily living activities
  • Fall detection and prevention
  • Medication management

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Rest Assured remote support professionals assist and watch over our clients around the clock.

Rest Assured Remote Caregivers

Rest Assured’s caregivers are trained on the needs and abilities of each person they support. Relationships are formed between the remote caregiver and person served.

Customized Remote Monitoring Care Plans

Rest Assured will work with the client, the client’s family and other professionals involved in the client’s life to develop a customized remote monitoring care plan.

Every Rest Assured Plan of Care is custom designed to meet the unique needs of each client. Families are encouraged to take part in the plan design.

The Technology

The remote monitoring system is custom built for each person’s needs and home layout.

System Components

The system may include any of the following devices.

  • Pan/tilt/zoom cameras
  • Two-way audio video screens
  • Motion detectors
  • Door and window sensors
  • Bed and chair occupancy sensor
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Room temperature sensor
  • Emergency buttons
  • Glass break sensor

Service Types

We have four core service types that can be combined in any way to create a care solutions that best meets your needs.

  • Active Support:
    Continuous real-time oversight and support by a Rest Assured remote caregiver for any number of hours per day.
  • Check-in Support:
    Periodic short “check-ins” by a Rest Assured remote caregiver to give quick reminders or wellness checks. Check-ins are usual 5-10 minutes in length.
  • Emergency Watch:
    24/7 “passive” monitoring that detects emergencies such as fire, carbon monoxide, tornado warning and emergency button presses.
  • Family Support:
    Family members can access live video, sensor alerts and much more through our secure online web portal.


Rest Assured works with the clients family to ensure the client has the support they need.

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Independent living is attainable with a little assistance and the Rest Assured remote caregivers watching over our clients.

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