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Independent Living For Ohioans With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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We help people with special needs live more independent lives.

Rest Assured has great news for Ohio families who have loved ones with cognitive, intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Now they can live independently, thanks to Rest Assured technology that provides a full suite of home monitoring support services and solutions designed to help family members with IDD to live safely in their own home.  It’s a great alternative to on-site caregiver support, with high quality care that makes them feel at home.

Providing peace of mind for the whole family.

Concerned family members will enjoy peace of mind knowing that Rest Assured provides loved ones who want to live independently with safety, security and the responsive care they need.

Rest Assured provides complete connectivity and support through remote caregivers (also called tele-caregivers) who make sure loved ones with IDD are safe and doing well in their own space. Thanks to advanced Rest Assured technology, your loved one is never alone. We’re always in touch. The patented system uses wireless technology to provide remote, around-the-clock support – while maintaining their privacy, security and independence.

With Rest Assured, they’ll never feel alone.

Through the Rest Assured touch screen, our tele-caregivers are always there for each individual. Tele-caregivers and family members use the system as often as needed to check in and chat face-to-face. Your loved one will never have to feel alone. Because we’re never out of touch.

Our tele-caregivers can provide our Rest Assured services as needed – with our specially trained caregivers who are available to check in on a routine schedule or as needed in case of emergencies. They get to know each person served personally and offer in-home support services tailored to their needs and preferences. They’re always ready to help.

With Rest Assured, care is always in touch.

Should your loved one need assistance, a Rest Assured tele-caregiver will respond immediately to assess and manage the situation and make sure that your loved one is well cared for. Rest Assured tele-caregivers are trained in each individual’s unique care needs in order to provide the very best personalized care. If necessary, a tele-caregiver can notify a local back-up contact when on-site physical assistance is needed, or emergency services will be contacted.

Every individual is unique. So are our services.

Our Rest Assured remote support services are custom designed to support adults with IDDs. Services include continuous oversight or active treatment, tailored to the needs of the individual.  It includes the ongoing maintenance of consumer-specific care plans, notification of an agency or family’s back-up staff in the event of an unusual occurrence or emergency, responsive communication, documentation, event tracking, home security and continuing upgrades/modifications as needed.

Based on individual needs, a remote service arrangement can be used either as an alternative to in-home care or as supplemental support. It’s all customized to fit your loved one’s exact needs.

For more information about what Rest Assured can do to help your loved ones with IDD to live independently and stay connected, contact Rest Assured Active Support services today.

Stay Connected. Live Independently. With Rest Assured.

Ohio residents will be excited to know that the state is offering a new program for individuals who have IDD that may make it even easier to live independently with Rest Assured technology. Learn more about the new Ohio program here.

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