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Rest Assured helps families stay connected.
Many older adults prefer staying in their home with remote monitoring and support vs. moving to an assisted living facility.
A mother visiting her special needs son at his house.
Man counting pills in pill boxes
Rest Assured can offer new options to help individuals with disabilities live a safe and more independent life.

Remote monitoring technology with a personal touch

Rest Assured® blends wireless monitoring and two-way video chat with specially trained caregivers to help the individuals you care about stay safe while living as independently as possible.

See how it works for …

People With Disabilities

See what telecaregivers and remote monitoring technology can do

Rest Assured telecaregiver at work

Get continuous, personal support

Our remote caregivers provide real-time support via a two-way video/audio system on a regular schedule, plus when alerted about a potential issue

Woman sleeping in bed.

Keep track of sleep patterns and changes

Bedroom sensors watch for incidents during the sleep cycle that may indicate changes in habits or medical condition

Woman checking her blood pressure. Rest Assured allows telecaregivers to remotely monitor the health of individuals.

Stay in the know on important numbers

Remote caregivers and approved family members can monitor metrics like blood sugar, blood pressure and weight remotely

Woman who has fallen on the bathroom floor

Get help in case of a fall or health issue

Sensors in the bathroom area can monitor for falls and other changes; help can also be summoned with the press of a button

Hand opening a cabinet door

Keep track of meal prep and eating

Sensors in the kitchen area can monitor cabinet, fridge, and stove use – signaling changes in eating habits

Rest Assured allows family members and telecaregivers to monitor seniors and people with disabilities

Stay connected with friends and family

The same easy-to-use two-way video/audio system can be used to help stay connected to family and friends, face to face

Kitchen towel left by a stove catching on fire. Rest Assured monitors kitchen activity and alerts the proper authorities when necessary.

Watch out for emergencies

Whole-home systems can detect emergencies (smoke, carbon monoxide, and weather); help can also be summoned with the press of a button

Man organizing pills in a weekly pill organizer

See what’s happening in real time

Unobtrusive video cameras allow authorized people to monitor for health and safety reasons like medication adherence

Woman at work checking on her parent on a computer screen

All together, private and secure

Everything is connected in one place – a password-protected website or app – so you can Rest Assured knowing the people you care about are safe