The CellBlaster™ is the world's first universal UV cell phone sanitizer!


 The newly re-engineered and PATENTED DeGERM-inator(TM) DG/2 Portable UV SANITIZER is the second generation of our breakthrough personal and family hygiene product. The DeGERM-inator kills or renders harmless most microorganisms in under 5 seconds, effectively disinfecting surfaces and objects, when used as directed.

UV-5A P.I.L.

 The NEW RestAssured (tm) PIL/2 is based upon the re-engineered, patented Spectroline UV-4AW MiniMAX(tm). Featuring state-of-the-art design and electronics and certified UV power output unmatched by any other portable 4 watt UV lamp. Includes white light flashlight and ac adapter. This lamp enables you to inspect for cleanliness like the pros do. You will never settle for a dirty hotel room or unclean bedding again! Do the "Black Light Test" and Rest's clean