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Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

We have been using the Rest Assured system for over a year now, with greatly improved results in the cleanliness of all 28 of our cabins. Please keep making this fine product. All lodging properties should be using it for the protection of themselves and their guests. Thank You." - Don DiCarlo, President, Golden Bear Cottages, Big Bear Lake, CA

Sounds like you have a great idea. I think initially it may wreak havoc in the hospitality industry as guests start complaining to management about how dirty their rooms are, but in the long run it will probably improve the level of cleanliness dramatically.

It may also create a whole new industry: Cleaning consultant specialists who can help hotel/motel managers improve the quality of the work performed by their staffs. We have talked about how to expand business on this forum. This would be a great way for any janitorial or carpet cleaning service to use the expertise they have built up over the years to use the expertise they have built up over the years to put that knowledge to work. Imagine getting paid for what you know, rather than for getting down on your hands and knees and scrubbing behind those toilets? - P. Palmisano, Computer Cleaning Products

You ask) now that you can see what cleaning workers are not are you going to get them to clean what they can't see? (Well) don't limit inspections responsibilities to 'management' personnel - get the crews involved in it. Provide a blacklight for the crew chief as a regular inspection aid. If they have the light available for periodic inspections it should allow them to see what they're missing and correct their procedures accordingly. If done properly, it should build a sense of teamwork within the crew and pride in a job well done if regular inspections only show little "misses." It will also allow them to correct faulty procedures without a confrontational "boss-employee" situation, relieving some workplace tension and hopefully improving employee morale in the process. - Tom Quid


I saw something similar at a Marriot , and was aghast!! - D. Schiller

Ditto on the hotel story...The worst case I witnessed was a housekeeper that cleaned inside of the toilet with a johnny mop, the outside of the toilet with the johnny mop, and the sink with the same johnny mop! I stopped her before she got to the coffee pot. The hotel management didn't have a clue and didn't appear interested...I never lay may shaving gear on the sink and I'm very aware of the lack of cleaning for health (reasons) you think she cleaned her house that way? I doubt it...She was cross contaminating from room to room and cleaning with solution form the toilet... -